What one can achieve in 10 years can greatly exceed what one achieves in 1 year

I first heard the statement from Bill Gates. He said that what one achieves in 10 years is far greater than what one can achieve in 1 year alone.

10 years ago, I was starting off an information technology career and 3 years into it, I started hitting an upper limit in my website building skills. I couldn’t create advanced websites but I could fix smaller issues in existing websites. I wasn’t getting opportunities to work on my wireframing skills and I didn’t have ideas for a really interesting or useful website that I could produce.

I received an invite to try out financial trading and 3 years later, I found out that I couldn’t recover the capital that I used for trading. Tripling my money in the first three months did not guarantee that 3 years later, I’d be in profit instead of out of capital to continue.

I started learning long term investing in 2014 and in 2017 I am in profit and I plan to stay in the field. I’m not sure where I’d be in 2027 and while I’d like to be a established portfolio manager, I can at least aim to be an established investment advisor by 2020.

Investment advisory services in India are usually just about selling mutual funds. I’m already a step ahead in that game in that I can build my own financial processes and turn them into investment products that I can sell.

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