Re-starting HTML and CSS services for WordPress and Drupal

While I am investing in the stock market for close relatives, I am not really earning much because legally, I can only charge for brokerage.

Once I get an investment adviser’s license, I can charge 0.25% of capital every 3 months but I’m only managing about INR 10 Lakh at the moment which equals to about INR 2,500 every 3 months and I don’t see the capital that I am managing to grow quickly anytime soon.

I am a social being, I have desires such as getting an iPhone X and while investment services are a great moonshot, it is not going to pay today’s bills.

I decided to restart offering HTML and CSS services for WordPress and Drupal. I have some php and javascript skills so I may be able to help with light level module editing.

My list price shall be USD 12 an hour but I am willing to offer discounts for large volumes of work or regular work.

Steve Bayer has the phone number 813 891 0188 and the email address