I no longer take caffeine daily

I’ve weaned myself off a daily cup of coffee and an afternoon cup of tea. Not having coffee in the morning has made me less hungry throughout the day and I no longer need to have breakfast or snacks in the morning. Brunch or lunch is now my first meal of the day.

I had some issues with acidity but that stopped. Previously to not having breakfast, I had corn flakes for a few weeks without coffee for my breakfast but I had coffee whenever I went out to local bistros. I’ve been without breakfast for about a week or two now and today was my first visit to a bistro without having coffee!

I visited Cafe 17 after ages today

I visited cafe 17 almost 2 years ago and had a burger from there. I then tried home delivery through Zomato.

When Zomato closed their online ordering, I was still able to order home deliveries and found out that their tenderloin steak was really good. They stopped delivering to Marine Drive in December 2016 and today, I decided to pay them a visit. I’m on a diet now so instead of ordering a steak, I ordered a roast beef sandwich. It tasted fine. Their caffe latte could have been better and their furniture seems to be in need of refreshment!

I usually use camfrog to test whether food is really good by seeing who looks back at my cam. I’ve figured out who has the highest standards when it comes to looking back at me based on the food that I’ve eaten.

I had a chicken methi masala from Sardaji Darbar last night and no one’s really looked at my cam after that. It usually takes 24 hours and 50 minutes for food that doesn’t positively affect my cam to wear off so I’ll probably have to wait until tomorrow morning to see if the roast beef sandwich was really good.

I’ll try the chicken methi malai from Sardarji Darbar the next time that I order from Sardarji Darbar. Their Punjabi chicken is interesting but since I’m on a diet, the ghee that gets added to Punjabi chicken recipes that I’ve seen via google, the ghee is a no no on my current diet.