Hire me with a huge discount on Upwork

While my listed rates are USD 12/hour, you can hire me at USD 3/hour through Upwork:


I’m giving a large discount on Upwork to re-acquire a client database for my IT services which I took a break from while learning about financial markets. I’m now comfortable enough with financial markets to take on another industry which I choose as IT because I have prior experience in the field of websites.

I have also posted my resume on Naukri and Monster but I do not see very alluring job placements in Kochi at the moment. It is a plus that there are now experience design jobs in Kochi but they are more for graphics designers than designers who know how people want to interact with brands through websites.

Re-starting HTML and CSS services for WordPress and Drupal

While I am investing in the stock market for close relatives, I am not really earning much because legally, I can only charge for brokerage.

Once I get an investment adviser’s license, I can charge 0.25% of capital every 3 months but I’m only managing about INR 10 Lakh at the moment which equals to about INR 2,500 every 3 months and I don’t see the capital that I am managing to grow quickly anytime soon.

I am a social being, I have desires such as getting an iPhone X and while investment services are a great moonshot, it is not going to pay today’s bills.

I decided to restart offering HTML and CSS services for WordPress and Drupal. I have some php and javascript skills so I may be able to help with light level module editing.

My list price shall be USD 12 an hour but I am willing to offer discounts for large volumes of work or regular work.