An account that I managed gained over 21 percent in 12 months

My mother handed over her portfolio to me around 13 months ago. She has been holding stocks since the 80s and her portfolio had grown to around INR 14.24 lakh on 12th September 2016.

Had I not intervened, her portfolio would have grown to 16.48 lakh today.

With my intervention, her portfolio was worth 17.21 lakhs at the 12 month mark and is now worth 18.22 lakhs. Over 21 percent gained in 12 months and 28.87% gained since 12th September 2016.

I want to help people make these types of gains in the stock market. I currently profit by earning brokerage on buying stocks for portfolios connected to accounts started by me in Acumen Capital Markets with the remisier code ‘HOXC’.

Call my phone number or e-mail me if you too want to make these types of gains in the stock market.

Self motivated individuals should turn into life coaches

It’s very rare for me to find a truly self motivated individual. Most of the really self motivated people that I’ve come across tend to be life coaches.

Most life coaches produce books that help people realize their potential or lead more fulfilling lives. I currently follow Tony Robbins and Eckhart Tolle whom are dedicated life coaches. Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs are also people who could have been life coaches if they didn’t already have successful products.

My guess is that the most famous people alive in this world are also great life coaches and that’s the reason why they are more famous than people who have earned more than they have.

To get ahead of the portfolio management game, I’ll have to reposition myself as a motivating person. I can stop at motivating people to give me their money to invest but I probably should do more than that.

What one can achieve in 10 years can greatly exceed what one achieves in 1 year

I first heard the statement from Bill Gates. He said that what one achieves in 10 years is far greater than what one can achieve in 1 year alone.

10 years ago, I was starting off an information technology career and 3 years into it, I started hitting an upper limit in my website building skills. I couldn’t create advanced websites but I could fix smaller issues in existing websites. I wasn’t getting opportunities to work on my wireframing skills and I didn’t have ideas for a really interesting or useful website that I could produce.

I received an invite to try out financial trading and 3 years later, I found out that I couldn’t recover the capital that I used for trading. Tripling my money in the first three months did not guarantee that 3 years later, I’d be in profit instead of out of capital to continue.

I started learning long term investing in 2014 and in 2017 I am in profit and I plan to stay in the field. I’m not sure where I’d be in 2027 and while I’d like to be a established portfolio manager, I can at least aim to be an established investment advisor by 2020.

Investment advisory services in India are usually just about selling mutual funds. I’m already a step ahead in that game in that I can build my own financial processes and turn them into investment products that I can sell.

Hire me with a huge discount on Upwork

While my listed rates are USD 12/hour, you can hire me at USD 3/hour through Upwork:

I’m giving a large discount on Upwork to re-acquire a client database for my IT services which I took a break from while learning about financial markets. I’m now comfortable enough with financial markets to take on another industry which I choose as IT because I have prior experience in the field of websites.

I have also posted my resume on Naukri and Monster but I do not see very alluring job placements in Kochi at the moment. It is a plus that there are now experience design jobs in Kochi but they are more for graphics designers than designers who know how people want to interact with brands through websites.

Re-starting HTML and CSS services for WordPress and Drupal

While I am investing in the stock market for close relatives, I am not really earning much because legally, I can only charge for brokerage.

Once I get an investment adviser’s license, I can charge 0.25% of capital every 3 months but I’m only managing about INR 10 Lakh at the moment which equals to about INR 2,500 every 3 months and I don’t see the capital that I am managing to grow quickly anytime soon.

I am a social being, I have desires such as getting an iPhone X and while investment services are a great moonshot, it is not going to pay today’s bills.

I decided to restart offering HTML and CSS services for WordPress and Drupal. I have some php and javascript skills so I may be able to help with light level module editing.

My list price shall be USD 12 an hour but I am willing to offer discounts for large volumes of work or regular work.

I no longer take caffeine daily

I’ve weaned myself off a daily cup of coffee and an afternoon cup of tea. Not having coffee in the morning has made me less hungry throughout the day and I no longer need to have breakfast or snacks in the morning. Brunch or lunch is now my first meal of the day.

I had some issues with acidity but that stopped. Previously to not having breakfast, I had corn flakes for a few weeks without coffee for my breakfast but I had coffee whenever I went out to local bistros. I’ve been without breakfast for about a week or two now and today was my first visit to a bistro without having coffee!

Am I becoming a real investor?

Yesterday, one of my stocks tanked 20%. I still plan to hold on to it. Sales are not affected and they continue to rise attractively. Accounting numbers are still positive, no red flags.

What is the difference between an investor and a trader? Traders usually hold onto ¬†stocks for a short period of time with an intent to exit the stock. I don’t want to ever exit my stocks but I find it really difficult to see myself holding onto a stock if it has a p/e ratio of more than 60.

Amazon’s p/e ratio is too high to be a valid entry

Amazon has a price to earnings ratio of 174 as of this post’s writing. That is far too high to enter. I actually exit stocks that have a p/e ratio of over 60.

Apple looks like a stock that’s worth holding onto at a p/e ratio of 16.75. I’d have to wait for a much younger company than Amazon to move on from Apple as a stock worth holding onto according to my last post.